7 Day Simple Keto Diet Meal Plan – Lose 10 Pounds in Your First Week!

This free 7 Day Meal Plan will show you how you can lose up to 10 pounds in your first week! Simply, efficiently, and sustainably. 

Will some of the weight be water weight? Yes, of course. You will not longer be bloated! A lot of the weight will also be fat. 

To put this into perspective- 6 Pounds is equivalent in volume to about a gallon jug. Yup. Do not belittle or downgrade losing 3-6 pounds of actualy fat in a week! It’s a ton. 

The 3 important parts to succeeding on a keto diet are:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Correct Information
  3. Follow Through

You may be tempted to try all those keto friendly desserts, but I warn you, stay away from them! In the beginning anyway… It will set you up for failure.

To see best results in your first 3 months you are going to want to follow a very strict keto diet. After the first 3 months is up, you then will be able to do a thing called lazy keto! This means you can increase your carb amount, be a little less strict with what you eat, and eat those delicious keto friendly desserts.

Again, for best results stick to the diet 100% and keep it simple. This will set you up for success.

In this post, I am going to outline what the first week of a keto diet should look like.

Remember, you are starting a new diet, and your body will want sugar. The first three days are the worst, as your body is going through “Withdrawal Symptoms”.

The suggested meal plan is a template. Pick and choose based on your own tastes and preferences.

You will need to buy:

  1. A High-Quality Fat Source that you can fry with: This can include Ghee, Butter, Coconut Oil, pork lard, etc. Choose a source that works for you. I personally prefer butter and coconut oil.
  2. Protein– Eggs, Chicken, Steak, bacon, fish, etc.. Try to aim for high quality Protein. The taste difference will amaze you! I honestly love chicken and eggs. It is cheap, and low carb and can be dressed up in so many different ways.
  3. Low-Carb Vegetables – A well formulated Ketogenic diet has vegetables at the base. You may think that vegetables are too high in carbs, but by choosing the correct veggies (such as spinach or broccoli) you can virtually eat as much as you would like. Have you ever heard of someone eating a pound of broccoli? You will get full wayyy before that. Even if you did decide to eat a pound of broccoli, this would only be around 20 carbohydrates, which would not prevent you from entering ketosis.

For more information check out the following articles:

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  3. How to Start the Keto Diet

After you have done your shopping, your meals will follow the same template! You will be hungrier in the beginning, but don’t worry as day 7 comes rolling around your appetite will be almost null ( if you followed the diet correctly).

It’s also very important to eat three meals in the beginning to prevent you from being tempted by those delicious office donuts… ( Yes, I have given in)

Day 1-7 Template


You will need to include a protein and fat source.

This can be scrambled eggs cooked in butter or coconut oil, with a side of sausage. It’s best not to get too fancy in the beginning.

Omelets are also a great idea! 


 A salad with a protein, and fat source. For example a steak salad with an entire Avocado and Home Made Salad Dressing. I say home made salad dressing because many dressings are filled with rancid soybean oil. This is not a type of fat you want to eat when beginning the keto diet.

Soup is also another great option. it is cheap, can be brought to work, and tastes great! to conquer the keto flu, adding a home made chicken broth is suggested. 


Lots of vegetables with high fat content and small portion of protein ( small meaning American standards). Things such as a loaded cauliflower bake is perfect!

Coffee, Tea, and Water are all fine on when starting the keto diet. However, remember to not include any artificial sweeteners!

Your taste buds will begin to change, and you may even start to prefer more bitter products such as dark coffee and dark chocolate. It will no longer seem bitter to you.

Did I also mention after you complete 7 days you will most likely feel great?!?!

If you are following the diet correctly anyway…

To get a free 30-Day Challenge on Following the Ketogenic diet sign up for my email list at the top of this page! You will learn about

  • the correct foods to eat
  • the science behind the keto diet
  • how to save yourself money, frustration, and time. Do NOT follow the same mistakes as everyone else!! 

You will lose 10-25 Pounds! Remember this will be different for everyone, but I guarantee you will lose weight!

You can succeed and create a successful body and life for yourself ?

Keep Calm and Keto on!