5 Reasons Why Artificial Sweeteners Will Keep You Fat


Many people fail to lose weight on a ketogenic diet, or see improvements in their health because many of the recipes they eat are not ketogenic. This then leads to discouragement. Well duhh, if the meals are not ketogenic then they will not lose weight! Simple in theory, but where most of the confusion comes to what is ketogenic and not ketogenic!

Many ketogenic cookbooks contain misinformation and claim to be keto friendly. Though they may be low carb, this does not make them ketogenic.

One thing that occurs frequently , is they contain tons of sugar substitute. This is not ketogenic, and artificial sweeteners should be used sparingly. Some people, such as myself, are very sensitive to artificial sweeteners, and will stall my weight loss. Not only this, but I tend to over eat and go back to my old carb laden ways. This is not healthy!

Remember, low-carb does not mean ketogenic, and low-carb lacks the therapeutic benefits of the keto diet.
You must EAT meals associated with the ketogenic diet, not low carb meals that are being promoted ketogenic.

That being said, sometimes you just want a piece of cake for your birthday, thanksgiving, or Christmas,and that is okay. Also, when you meet your goal weight, you can add more carbs. However if you are trying to lose weight, you must not cheat!

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Below is a list of why you need to stay away from artificial sweeteners altogether, minus of course a celebration every once and awhile.



Microbiome Disruption

Gut microbes can help maintain good host healthy by helping the digestion and fermentation of food, development of immune cells, regulation of nervous system, and prevention of colonization of pathogens [1] If the balance is disrupted as a result of aging, diet, drugs, antibiotics, diseases, stress, exercises mayhem will occur, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, allergies, and cancer.

In simpler terms ( though it can get way more complicated) evidence has been shown that microbiota disruption is associated with metabolic disease, causing obesity [2]

Many scientist believe that artificial sweeteners can cause a disruption in the gut microbiome. In one study, they found that sucralose altered the developmental dynamics of the gut microbiome over 6 months [1] These results didn’t exhibit any difference at baseline, but were significantly different after three and six months of treatment.

The gut flora that was significantly change were related to the pro-inflammatory mediators (this means sucralose was helping inflammation of the gut, which is correlated with obesity… I know confusing)

In summary a ketogenic diet or low-carb diet that includes artificial sweeteners will not effectively balance the gut microbiome and will not prevent or reverse digestive problems.
This goes for ALL artificial sweeteners!

Disruption of Glucose Homeostasis


Glucose homeostasis sounds confusing, but basically it is the balance of insulin and glucagon to maintain blood glucose ( blood sugar levels) Several findings have found that by dissociating sweetness from calories, artificial sweeteners can interfere with physiological responses that control homeostasis [4]

Artificial sweeteners appear to disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar ( glucose homeostasis) causing metabolic changes that can lead to metabolic dysfunction. By consuming sweeteners instead of sugar, we are causing our body more harm!

Next time you have a choice between sugar and artificial sweeteners, choose sugar Not only will you eat less of it, you probably are saving yourself metabolic mayhem!
I find myself to be way more discretionary when eating real sugar vs artificial sweetener.


Metabolic Syndrome

Various studies have reported a greater risk of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome includes

Increased blood pressure, high blood sugar level, excess body fat around waist, and high cholesterol levels. In fact, studies have shown that people who drank sugar sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages have double the risk!

When blood glucose levels increase, the rate of fat production and storage also increases!


When artificial sweeteners first came out they were a dream came true. But many studies have shown that consuming foods artificial sweeteners does not prevent obesity but actually leads to a greater weight gain!

Many scientist speculate that since artificially sweetened foods are lower in calories, people are more likely to eat them in excess, thinking they are safe. People end up consuming more calories.

This has happened to me countless times! Those low carb tortillas, low carb cakes, low carb chips, etc.. I ALWAYS overeat on. But because it’s a safe food, I think it’s okay. However, the carbs in overeating all of these is not ketogenic and will kick you out of ketosis.

It’s best to stick with whole foods to get the most satiety, nutrition, and also develop good eating habits. A alcoholic changing is his addiction from alcohol to coke is hardly different. If you do decide to cheat, go with something good like a baked sweet potato loaded with butter. 

Perpetual Sugar Addiction

One study has shown that Intense sweetness surpasses the cocaine reward [3]. Sugar used to be only for the elite, but is now consumed in large amounts in the developed world. Neuroimaging studies have shown that the brain of obese individuals mimic those previously observed in individuals addicted to cocaine and other drug abuse! Crazy much?!

Artificial sweeteners are often more sweet than normal sugar and can produce the same type of effect to the brain.

I personally have found myself to be sugar addicted. When I bake a dozen of “sugar-free” cookies, I tend to eat all of them in a day or two, and think I’m on a keto diet! This is furthest from the truth, and can lead to discouragement, frustration, and failure. Especially you are doing everything “right”.

In conclusion


Many people don’t like to be told their beloved artificial sweeteners are probably not good for them. They don’t kick me out of ketosis they say! This is only one aspect of the puzzle, and does not go into secondary consequences to things such as hormonal disruption, microbiome disruption, and metabolic disruption. 

These are all important aspects to the puzzle and should be taken int consideration when choosing the correct foods.

For instance, many people think any type of fat will be find on the keto diet, because Hey! It’s fat! However, some fats are downright harmful and should be avoided and do not promote health. 

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