How to Choose The Best MCT Powder For Keto: Maximize Weight Loss


Choosing the best MCT Powder for keto can be challenging. With the surge in popularity, many companies have come out with products- some good and some not so good.

Below is an in-depth guide on what MCT oil is and how to choose the best MCT powder.

What is MCT OIL

Let’s start at the beginning. There are two main types of fats LCTs or Long Chain Triglycerides and MCTs or medium chain triglycerides. A standard American diet consists of 95% LCTs. If you are unfamiliar with health and unhealthy fats on keto read here. Common sources are listed below.

LCT Sources:

  • Soybean Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Olive Oil


mct powder review
Mct powder oil


MCT Sources

  • MCT Oil ( yes.. I know. Duh! )
  • Coconut Oil
  • Butter ( Grass-fed and in small amounts)
  • Palm Kernel Oil


MCT Oil Benefits:

  • Mental Clarity 
  • Increase in Ketones 
  • Increased Weight Loss 


Types of MCT Oil: [3]

  • Caproic acid (C6)
  • Caprylic Acid (C8)-  The Energy Booster. When you ingest C8, it almost instantly turns into ketones
  • Capric Acid (C10)-  The antifungal. C10 is a powerful antifungal. In a study done it was shown [2] C10 rapidly destroyed 3 strains of Candida albicans, a yeast that can cause digestive issues when it gets out of control in your gut.
  • Lauric Acid (C12)- The Antibacterial.   Makes up 48 percent of coconut oil. 


MCT Oil Vs MCT Powder

MCT Oil is created by removing the long chain fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids from coconut oil, leaving only MCTs. However; many manufacturers will add fillers to the MCT oil, making it adulterated and less effective. Some will also use palm kernel oil, which is not a good source for MCTs!

Not all fillers are “ bad”, and in MCT Powder you must add an additive to turn MCT oil into powder.

For instance, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder also has Acacia Fiber, which is very beneficial for a keto diet. Read here about the best fiber supplements.

Best Keto MCT Powder

There are liquid and powder forms of MCTs. Both are a fantastic source of clean and sustainable energy.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

MCT Powder Benefits

  1. Convenience– Can easily be taken on-the-go. You can pack into small bags, and take with you- without all the oily mess.
  2. Able to combine with other supplements- Can easily mix in some exogenous ketones or peptides. Read here about various Keto Products.
  3. Better digestibility- Easier on the digestive system, allowing you to consume more at once.
  4. Cooking advantages: Can easily be added to smoothies, drinks, and cooking
  5. Creamy texture: Does not make your drinks oily
  6. Bonus health benefits: Provides extra health benefits when combined with a high quality fiber like acacia. Read here about the best fiber supplements.


Pros of MCT Oil

  1. Solid research: There are a lot of studies showing the benefits of MCT Oil. However, when I looked to find MCT powder research, it was limited.
  2. No Additive Needed: MCT oil does not require a “carrier” to turn it into a powder.
  3. Perfect for low-heat cooking: MCT Oil can be used for low- heat cooking such as making salad dressings.


How to Choose the Best MCT Powder


#1: Made With A Healthy Powder Source

Rather than choosing an MCT powder made with questionable fiber sources, your best bet is to look for those made with acacia fiber.  To read more about Acacia Fiber Click here.



#2: Made From  MCT Oil From 100% Coconuts

Only choose MCT Oil made from 100% coconuts. To cut costs, companies will use palm oil. Do not buy this kind! Not only is it a high unethical product in terms of habitat degradation, deforestation, and climate change, it also goes through heavier processing and loses a lot of nutritional value.

Note: There is an exception. If you do decide to choose an MCT Powder with palm kernel oil, make sure it states on the label that it is sustainably produced.


For instance, stay away from the below label

mct powder best


#3: Contains The Most Beneficial Types of MCT Oil

When choosing the best MCT powder, it’s vital to consider the specific type of MCT oil used.

As explained above, there are four types of MCTs

  • C6
  • C8
  • C10
  • C12


Higher quality MCT oil powders use a combination of C8 and C10. Preferably only C8.  These types have higher ketone producing ability in the body. Many lower-end powders will also contain C12.

Although C12 will be converted into Ketones it takes much longer and is not as effective. Sadly, many powders do not mention which type. Try searching their website, and if not listed email customer support.


#4: 70% MCT Powder Ratio

Because you need a “filler” in MCT powder, you must be aware of the MCT powder to filler ratio. Some companies will only have a 50% ratio of MCTs to non-MCTs.

You want to aim for at least 70% MCTs. Again, many companies do not list this information, and you may have to email customer support.


#5: No Fillers or Additives

The most common fillers and additives in MCT powder to avoid are:

  • Emulsifiers
  • Fillers: Soluble corn fiber, maltodextrin ( higher glycemic index than sugar!) , psyllium husk.
  • Preservatives: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, sodium benzoate and citric acid.
  • Thickeners: xanthan gum, glycerol.
  • Food dyes: Blue No. 1/Brilliant Blue, Blue No. 2/ Indigotine, etc…
  • Anti-caking agents: Silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, stearic acid.
  • Enhanced food performance: Disodium phosphate.

These fillers and additives are added to cut cost, and making the product “ easier to handle”.


#6: No Unnecessary Sweeteners

Some manufacturers add additional sweeteners to make the powder more palatable, especially if it’s a flavored version. Some include fillers such as maltodextrin ( found in Splenda as a filler) 

For instance, research has shown that maltodextrin has a higher glycemic index than actual sugar! It is also added to Splenda and was the reason for my weight loss stall for a long time.

It’s a good practice to stay away from all artificial sweeteners especially the beginning of a keto diet. Read more here.


#7: Allergen-Free

To reduce costs, many companies will add corn-derived and dairy-based carriers and added GMO ingredients.

These are known as nonfat dry milk, soluble corn fiber, milk protein,  and sodium casein or caseinate. Choose a high-quality MCT Powder and avoid these common allergens like the plague.


#8: Flavoring that is Real

There are two types of flavoring:

  • Artificial flavor
  • Natural flavor.

Both have been deemed safe, but a better alternative is to choose a flavoring that used real food for flavoring. Examples include, but are not limited to cocoa powder, powdered green tea, salt, vanilla bean extract, ginger, and cinnamon.

Remember- Always check the ingredients!


Spend the Extra Money

Mct powder review


Always choose the highest quality ingredients with no additives or fillers. This does not always come cheap ( in the short term). You will benefit from choosing high quality in the long term.

Many companies use maltodextrin and soy lecithin which are detrimental for the keto diet. These can disrupt your blood sugar and stall weight loss. They also can affect your energy level, and reduce your ketone level.

If I can stress anything, choose quality!!! You will enjoy the full benefits that MCT oil can offer you.


Many MCT Powders are cleverly labeled. Saying things such as “ Clean” “ All Natural”, however, there is no FDA requirements to state this on the label. 

Also, many products have 5-star reviews but are loaded with fillers and additives. Do not go solely by reviews.

Below I have picked out the top powders based on the information provided above.


TOP MCT Powders


#1 Recommended MCT Powder

Perfect Keto 

review mct powder


Keto Supplements

Meets all 8 previous criteria to be considered a high-quality MCT Oil 

What people are saying:

  • Increased energy 
  • Increased wellbeing 
  • Comes in Trial Packs which is great for on the go!
  • Decreases Appetite to make fasting easier 



  • Sometimes does not dissolve 


#2  Recommended



Keto Supplements


Nested Naturals comes in at #2 recommended MCT Powder as it meets all 8 of the criteria. Some notable qualities include:

Lower Cost: 414 grams with high-quality MCT and no fillers. 

No Fillers: Only two ingredients. C8 MCTs and Acacia Fiber. 

100 % C8: The energy boosting ketone. 

Sustainably Run Company– Focused on high-quality products that are sourced sustainably. 

Other Awesome Benefits:

  • No After Taste 
  • Extra Energy 
  • 0 Net Carbs 
  • Increased Weight Loss 
  • Best for Smoothies



  • Does not dissolve well 
  • Less oil per scoop than other MCT Powders.