Carbalose Flour [The Best Keto Flour Replacement]

Wanting to cut back on carbs, but yet still have that delicious biscuit topped with butter?

I thought it was hopeless, until I discovered carbalose flour

I tried various recipes with coconut flour and almond flour, and while they tasted good they did not provide the same texture or taste as regular flour. 

I even tried cheese as a replacement for pizza crust (it was good), but didn’t come close to the deliciousness of gluten bread. 

Hopeless and wanting to shrink a pant size while not giving up my beloved carbs, I miraculously stumbled upon carbalose flour, commonly found in the carbquik low carb baking mix.

The reviews were great, but I was skeptical. The doubts almost prevented me from buying a box and trying it out. 

Could it actually mock flour? What if it tasted like chalk? What if the carb count was a lie and kicked me out of ketosis? 

I tried it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t taste like crap. 

The flour also does not have eggs and is safe for vegetarians. It works like a regular gluten flour and you can make pancakes, roti, and an assortment of dishes that you thought were off limits on a keto diet. It’s also  great for diabetics whose blood sugar has gotten a little high for their liking.

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Bag of Carbalose Lo-Carb White Flour

What is Carbalose Flour?

Carbalose Flour is a flour that can replace wheat flour when following a low carb diet. When making carbalose flour they subtract 80% of  non-fiber carbohydrates. It’s the closest keto flour substitute that I’ve tasted that resembles flour. 

Carbalose Flour and the Keto Diet

Is Carbalose flour allowed on Keto? 

Carbalose flour is allowed on the keto diet. However, carbalose flour does contain gluten

And this can mess up some people’s diets. It’s important to keep in mind that you can not eat unlimited amounts of carbalose flour recipes because it’s low carb. The carbs still count! I have definitley made this mistake… 

Alternatives to Carbalose Flour 

If you don’t like the idea of using gluten, below is a list of gluten-free low carb flours(minus the Carbquik option)

  • Carbquik– This is carbalose flour other ingredients that give carbquik a different flavor. Check out my review on Carbquick baking mix here 
  • Flax Seed Ground Meal– This has a ton of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s wonderful  to add to smoothies and shakes.
  • Coconut Flour Coconut flour is a great  keto gluten-free flour, but does not taste nor behave like real flour. 
  • Almond Flour– I love almond flour with a passion. It does not taste anything like real flour though so can leave you craving more. It also doesn’t do well in breads. There sometimes can be an eggy taste to baked goods because you must use more eggs. 
  • Bobs Red Mill Low Carb All Purpose Baking Mix – This is a great mix when it come to consistency, but the taste is not the best (not horrible). 

7 Carbalose Recipes [satisfy any carb cravings]

I love me some bread and fitting in my pants! Thankfully there is a solution, and many people have created recipes and shared them for free! Below is a list of low carb and keto friendly recipes utilizing this low carb baking mix. 

Remember, you can use Carbalose INSTEAD of flour 1:1. Go give a “high-carb normal recipe” a low carb flour makeover.

Raspberry Braid

Carbalose Low Carb Bread

Almond Bread Pudding 

English Muffins 

Vegetable pig in a poke

Pecan Walnut Coffee Cake 

Kimchi Fritters 

Carbquik vs Carbalose Flour 

Carbquik contains carbalose, but is very different when it comes to baking because of all the added ingredients. 

Carbalose flour was created to be a straight substitue for flour, whereas carquick has added ingredients that mess up the 1:1 ratio when replacing flour. 

 Cons of Carbalose Flour 

This is embarrassing. If you eat too much of carbalose flour it can cause gastric issues. Gastric issues only happen to me when I eat too much of the carbalose baking mix. I guess this will help you not eat too much of the mix?

There are tons of recipes on carbquik and if you are interested you can check out 25 carbquik recipes here. 

Common Low Carb Flour Substitute  questions 

Does Carbalose have gluten?

Yes, carbalose does contain gluten. 

Is Carbalose safe for a low carb and keto diet?

Carbalose flour is safe for a low carb and a keto diet. Carbalose will not kick you out of ketosis. Be careful about eating too much of carbalose recipes, because the carbs do start to add up and may stall weight loss. 

Can you buy carbalose flour at Walmart?

Certain Walmarts do carry carbalose. You can also find Carbalose flour online very easily.

 Carbolose flour makes for a great flour substitute for people on a low carb diet or a Keto diet. Give the flour mix a try and you will be suprised!


What are the ingredients in Carbalose Flour?

The ingredients are arbalose flour (enzyme enriched wheat, vital wheat gluten, wheat fiber, high-protein patent wheat flour, soy fiber, canola oil, salt, dextrose, emulsifiers, enzymes, ascorbic acid, sucralose, calcium propionate)


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