How to Lose 10 Pounds in A Week With Keto

Losing 10 pounds may seem like a pipe dream, but I am here to tell you that it is possible! 

Not only is it possible, but you can achieve this goal safely, sustainably, and effectively.

So in reality, the title should be lose 10 pounds in a week safely and sustainabley. 

Will all 10 pounds be fat loss?

 No. Much will be water weight, but this is a good thing! You will no longer feel bloated and have that heavy feeling. You will also look thinner and have a flatter stomach.

By now you are probably wondering what diet pill or diet can give you such good results.

The answer is the Ketogenic Diet!

Yup, I am not here to sell you some gimmicky diet pill or “invention”. I am here to inform you how to start the ketogenic diet, the benefits, and how you can lose 10 pounds in a week!

Note, this will vary depending on the person. People who need to lose more weight, will naturally shed more weight in the beginning.  

If you weight 200+ pounds, 10 pounds is very reasonable. If you weight 140-199 4-7 pounds is very reasonable.

So, what exactly is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. By limited carbohydrates, your body will stop burning glucose and start burning fat for it’s fuel. After a few weeks passes, your body will become fat adapted. This literally means your body is burning fat for it’s fuel instead of glucose..making you a fat burning machine!

 That may seem simple to understand, but many people get it wrong.

Many misconceptions about the keto diet exist. They think the keto diet is high in protein and that they can eat unlimited artificial sweeteners and still lose weight.

This is also not true, and if following this supposedly keto advice, you will not succeed! Excess protein will be turned into glucose

The quality and type of fat is also important. The wrong type of fat source can have devastating effects on weight loss and your health!

Properly formulating your ketogenic diet is very important. Low-carb non-starchy vegetables should be at the basis of your diet. This makes the diet sustainable, full of nutrition, and very versatile. You can do so many things with vegetables, a fat source, and a moderate amount of protein.

Isn’t the Keto diet dangerous?

You should always consult a doctor before making dramatic changes in your diet. However, for most people the Keto diet is not dangerous. It is often confused with ketoacidosis. A healthy, but overweight adult does not have to worry about ketoacidosis. An adult with diabetes does have to worry about ketoacidosis.


What does a Day of Keto look like?

Homemade Keto Meatballs

When beginning the ketogenic diet, you will be eating three meals per day with a high fat content, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate. For instance, 3 eggs cooked in real butter with a side of bacon is the perfect keto meal

For lunch, you can have a large salad with a protein source, and a home made salad.

For dinner, you can have a giant meatball filled with cheese. You can put these on top of a big plate of zoodles, This makes  a very taste delicious, meal that is also going to help you lose weight. 

Yup, eat meatballs and lose weight This is not too good to be true! 

Check out my article the science behind the keto diet to learn more.


How do I begin the Keto diet?

There are several steps.

  1. Educate– Educating with the correct Information is important, and will lay the foundation for a new and healthy way of eating. For the rest of your life. Do not take this lightly!! Invest in high quality keto content… yes this means spending money on a book or plan if you have to.
  2. Plan– Measure twice cut once. Without proper planning you are doomed to failure. If you are anything like me, this does not come easily. There are plenty of resources that you can but which will work wonders in your life.
  3. Implement– Once you have the correct information and plan, then you will implement the keto diet. This is key to maximizing weight loss! I estimate that in 6 months of the keto diet, you won’t even recognize yourself.
  4. Maintain- If you do not maintain the keto diet, and a lower carb lifestyle.. you will gain back the weight! I know this from experience…

To learn more about beginning the keto diet check out this blog post.


Won’t I feel like crap?

The first three days will be tough, but there are ways to mitigate this. After the three days you will have more energy, mental clarity, and a feeling of well being. You will also be on your way to losing 7-10 pounds in your first week.

These claims are back up by numerous keto success stories, and science including my own! 


Is there a complete guide on how to follow the keto diet?

Yes! Sign up for my Free 30 day Keto Challenge. This will give you very important details on how to succeed with the keto diet, a meal plan, tips and tricks from my own trial and error, and a time frame.

You can get it here 

It will also include how to conquer that dreaded keto flu in the first three days!