11 Mistakes Beginner’s Make On the Keto DIet

A keto diet is a lot more than a regular low carb diet. The diet focus on high quality, high fat( good fat), low carb foods to put you in a state of Ketosis. This is when your body can easily switch to burning body fat as it can dietary fat. This is where you want to be to get to your goal weight

There are several mistakes you can make when starting the keto diet that will sabotage weight loss and create bad habits that will lead to weight gain later on.

Keep reading to learn what they are.


Too Much Artificial Sweetener

A very common mistake when starting the keto diet is to replace real sugar with artificial sugar and call it a day. Why not right? It’s calorie free, doesn’t raise your blood sugar, and is keto friendly! 

There are several reasons why when you want to limit, or even eliminate artificial sweeteners when starting the keto diet.

The first reason is you most likely have a sugar addiction! It’s why you are overweight in the first place. You are a sugar burner and not a fat burner, and most likely have hormonal issues you need to balance out.

By replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners, you will never conquer your addictions and will continue in that same downward spiral of sugar addiction. Replacing sugar filled cheesecake with artificially sweetened cheesecake can hardly be considered “healthier”.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet has vegetables at the base! To learn more about how a keto diet works read here.

The second reason is that artificial sweeteners have been linked to a disturbed gut flora which can be linked to obesity.  Scientists have found that animals fed artificial sweeteners experience changes to their gut bacteria. The researchers tested sweeteners including Splenda, acesulfame potassium, aspartame and saccharin [2,3,4,5]

In a study, it was shown to have a positive association between artificial sweetener intake (most commonly as diet soda) and weight gain [1]. However, this study was for children and did not take in important factors such as metabolic abnormalizes, or the type of artificial sweeteners used.

Different types of artificial sweeteners react differently to different people, and it is important to take this into consideration when formulating your ketogenic diet.

Get the correct information when formulating your keto diet. This will make all the difference!


Too Much Protein

Many people who start following the keto diet ( such as myself) think they can eat unlimited protein! A ketogenic diet is a HIGH fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.  You can not eat unlimited protein, and it is not a meat diet!

When you eat too much protein your body can turn it into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. Let me assure you this will call your weight loss to a halt!

 Focus on eating high-quality veggies and fat as your base, with a small portion (depending on what you consider small) of meat on the side. I assure your appetite will disappear, and you want for a lot of meat will also fade. It may even nauseate you thinking about eating all of that protein.


 Wrong Keto Information

Another mistake people make when first beginning the keto diet is having the wrong information.

It’s very important to have the correct information to set yourself up for maximum weight loss on keto. It’s also important if you want to maintain that weight loss.

As someone who has gone up and down with my weight, I understand this! You can as easily gain back the weight as you lost it.

Snack Keto

Eating too many nuts

Nuts can be likened to chips on the keto diet. You can’t just eat one! Add the fact that you think they are keto friendly, and a “safe food” means you can eat them guilt free!

If you can only eat a handful this is true, but I often find myself eating an entire bag!  This is not only a lot of carbs but also way too many calories. Nuts don’t give you the volume that you are full, so you will just continue to eat them..

It’s dangerous! Stay away when first starting the keto diet.

Not Planning

If you are a scattered person like me, who hates planning a rigid schedule this may be difficult for you. However, it is necessary! I have had countless times where I am hungry and end up at a meeting where pizza is being served.

This wouldn’t be an issue, however, I am hungry and don’t have any keto snacks on me! It makes it far harder to resist temptation when you are hungry.

However, if you plan social events ahead of time, you are able to either eat before or even bring some keto friendly foods ( such as chili) and eat that.


Too Many Calories

You shouldn’t have to worry about too many calories after the first two weeks, however, in the first two weeks you will be hungry and may overeat.

One of the greatest benefits of a keto diet is the appetite suppression effect it has. However, you can still overeat on those nuts! When you do this, your body stops burning its own adipose and starts burning the calories found in nuts. This can stall weight loss.


Not Enough Water

Increasing water intake has been shown to also increase weight loss [6] An important thing to note is that on a keto diet you will not feel thirsty ( I didn’t anyway) This means you will have to self-regulate your water intake to make sure you are drinking enough.

I have found I can go all day without drinking water, and not feel thirsty!

Track your water!


Neglecting Electrolytes

When starting a ketogenic diet, you will need to add electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, and sodium) to your diet. Without doing this you will feel awful!

Not personalizing your diet

Some people can get away with eating artificial sweeteners and others cannot. I am in the unfortunate group that cannot. Some people will be able to tolerate more carbs than others. Others will not absolutely hate to follow a very high-fat diet and rebel.

If you are exercising this cause the need for you to also change up some things in your MACROs.

It’s very important to personalize the keto diet for you to maintain weight loss, and well being! Only you will know 🙂


Listening to the Opinions of Others

Though becoming more mainstream, when you tell people you are going on a Keto diet, they will automatically call you crazy! It goes against the typical western convention that adds fat to your diet.

They will tell you that it is a fad diet, that you are crazy, that you will gain a back all the weight.

This is not true! The keto diet is one of the healthiest diets and is very effective at losing weight. Join one of the many weight loss support groups to get the support you need 🙂


Obsessing over the Keto Diet

Obsessing over the keto diet can be detrimental to your success! Chill and go with the flow (yes, I had stated to you need to plan) Get the correct information, preferably a structured plan, follow it, and stop thinking about it!

Get a hobby because food will no longer be the focus of your life. Pick up painting, go hiking, develop writing skills, start a blog, do something!

If you are interested, I have put together a a 7 day challenge that you can sign up for. Just click the link here



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