Best Keto Candy to Buy On a Low Carb Diet

I absolutely love candy, and thankfully there are a lot of options for keto candy to buy online.

If you are just starting out on a ketogenic diet, I suggest staying away from all low carb and sugar-free candy. Most people have a sugar addiction, and it’s hard to break that addiction when you replace it with other foods that are just as nutrition deficient. The purpose of going on a new diet is too gain your HEALTH back and feel amazing,  not just lose weight.

Think how you would like to look and feel in 10 years.

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When choosing the best low carb candy on a ketogenic diet, it’s good to know the keto candy fundamentals that include types of artificial sweeteners that are used in sugar-free candies, what to avoid when selecting LCHF candy, and the best places to buy low carb candy.

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Types of Artificial  Sweeteners used in Keto Candy 

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Monk Fruit ( Keto-Approved)

Monk fruit is one of the better artificial sweeteners used to make candy for the ketogenic diet. People with diabetes can consume monk fruit. Read the study about monk fruit here.

There has not been any studies showing that Monk Fruit will help you or hinder you when trying to lose weight. I have high hopes for the future of monk fruit and do believe it’s one of the better fake low carb sugars on the market.

Splenda (Not Keto Friendly)

Splenda used to be marketed as a safe artificial sweetener that was way better than Aspartame. Studies have know proven that this marketing campaign is false. It does taste better than a lot of the other artificial sweeteners, but try to restrict your intake severely. There have been studies that Spelnda can cause insulin resistance which is a major factor in why you have been gaining weight in the first place!

I have personally have had no issues with Splenda hindering my weight loss. However if you have a sugar addiction I strongly urge you to stay away from ALL artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame ( Not Keto-Approved) 

Aspartame should be avoided like the plague. There are many studies showing that aspartame increases insulin resistance, causes cancer, and also can stall weight loss.

This being said, sometimes you just need a diet coke. Every once and while is not going to be detrimental to your health or make you gain the 50lbs you just lost back.

Maltitol ( Not Keto-Friendly)

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that raises my blood sugar the same amount as real sugar. Everyone’s body will process sugar alcohols different so I suggest experimenting with different types of sugar alcohols to see how your body reacts. Personally, if a artificial sweeteners is going to raise my blood sugar as much as a “real” sugar I will take the real sugar as my body knows how to process it correctly.

Truvia ( Keto-Approved)

Truve is a low carb sweetener and is not the same as Stevia. Truvia is keto-friendly and contains a few amount of carbs. It is not harmful to your health.

Truvia comes from Erythritol and does not break down for calories when you eat it. It causes no effect on my blood sugar when I eat Truvia. It does have a slight aftertaste and does not dissolve well in cold drinks. When ordering low-carb coffee drinks and using Truvia make sure to have the barista put in the sweetener while they are making the espresso as it will dissolve into the coffee making for a better blended coffee drink.

Erythritol ( Keto-Approved)

Erythritol is a keto friendly sweetener that is often used in low carb desserts that need a crumbly texture. It’s also great for bulking low carb baked goods making them appear more “real”.

It does not affect blood glucose because your body does not process it like a regular sugar.  Erythritol  may stall weight loss, and cause you to lapse on your diet. Do not eat erythritol everyday because it’s considered low carb. This can mess up your weight loss completely.

Xylitol ( Keto-Approved)

Xylitol  is a keto-approved sweetener for ketogenic dieters. It does count as carbs and is often utilized by people following the lazy keto methodology. Read more here about losing weight using lazy keto.

Xylitol contains 3 calories per gram and 4 grams of carbs per teaspoon. Your body will not process it, and therefore it has not effect on blood sugar.

It’s often used in products like chwing gum, toothpaste, and gum. It may improve your oral health, reduce intestinal glucose absorption, and accelerate ketosis. You read that correctly.

Xylitol may accelerate Ketosis! 

Swerve ( Keto-Approved)

Swerve has zero calories, zero net carbs, and bakes and tastes cup-for-cup like regular sugar. It’s a oligosaccharides and does not raise blood sugar and is safe for people trying to lose weight with a ketogenic diet and who want low carb candy or desserts from time to time.

They  also have a confectioners brand which is great for candy, icings and frostings.

Maltodextrin (Not Keto-Approved)

Maltodextrin is often used has a filler in many of the above sweeteners. AVOID THIS as it will riase your sugar more than actually sugar. It’s often used in Splenda and Stevia to make productions costs cheaper.

Dextrose ( Not Keto-Approved)

Dextrose is not approved on a keto diet and is just as bad for you as sugar. Stay away like the plague.

Where to Buy Keto Candy?

There are many places to buy keto candy online and in the store. Below are some of the options that you have when selecting keto candy.

Thrive Market

Thrive market is a great place to buy low carb candy and products at a discounted price. They are like a costco in the fact tha they buy at Wholesale prices, and charge a membership fee to stay in business. If you are a heavy shopper with orgranic, non-gmo, vegan or ketogenic products. When signing up, there is a $6o yearly membership that will be auto charged. Be warned of this!


Amazon is a well known brand, and the majority of products listed below you can buy on Amazon. Amazon is a great place to explore low carb ketogenic products at a great place.


Walmart has a lot of ketogenic candies. Avoid ones that have Maltitol, Splenda, and aspartame as these can harm your health and stall your weight loss.


10 Keto Candy Brands to Buy on Amazon


I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Sure, on a relaxing Sunday afternoon I will whip out the baking supplies and cook up some delicious keto friendly candy. 

Baking and cooking keto approved candy however rarely happens.

 Thankfully, there are many low-carb candy options that will not destroy your diet. Remember, just because a brand of candy states that it is “sugar-free candy” this does not mean it is safe for a ketogenic diet. I often find my blood sugar spiking just as much with regular high sugar candy as I do with keto-approved candies. 


ChocZero Keto Bark 

Low Carb ChocZero Dark Chocoalte Candy Bag with Sea Salt and ALmonds-Sugar Alcohol Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free.


ChocZero is the perfect chocolate for someone who doesn’t like really dark bitter chocolate.

There is no powdery taste or texture and the chocolate is creamy and melty. The almonds had good crunch  and add an extra flavor to the chocolate.  It’s a great price and only 3 net carbs per bar.  The quality chocolate flavor hits you right away and there is  zero bitterness. I personally prefer it to Hershey’s chocolate.So many of thee low carb candy bars have that nasty fake sugar after taste, and ChocZero does not!

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2. Keto Smart Sweets Swedish Fish 

Smart Sweet Sweet Fish Keto Candy with 3 grams of SugarSweet fish are plant-based Vegan! If you’re looking to sooth a sugar craving these  plant-based, fruity are the perfect chewy treat.

This is the only keto candy on the market that is sweetened that does not contain sugar alcohols as it is sweetened with stevia.

This candy does raise some peoples blood sugar, so if you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners do not buy these keto gummies.

Flavor isn’t exact but still amazing, and if you are really craving some Swedish fish these will do the trick.

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3. Keto Chocolate Soft Caramels 


Tom and Jenny's Keto-Approved Chocolate Soft Caramels candy

I was pleasantly surprised when I had these, they’re  very good and I almost prefer them to actual soft caramel treats.

People on a keto and low carb diet who crave sweets and have portion control ( I do not) will do just fine eating 2-3 of these a day even if you decide to  count every sugar alcohol as a carb . This would equal to 25g for 5 pieces or 5g per keto soft caramel.

They also have maltitol syrup in them which some people are sensitive too.


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4.Perfect Keto Bar, Keto Snack, No Added Sugar.


Keto Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough candy Protein BarThere are very simple  ingredients and nothing weird in these keto candy bars. They are also DAIRY FREE and contain collage protein. The macronutrients are also very good.   19 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and 3 NET carbs (12 total carbs).

The taste isn’t too sweet and is sweetened with stevia and has a wonderful chocolate flavor. The texture of the candy bar is soft and not hard like other low carb candy bars.

The keto candy bar is also a great meal replacement on a keto diet.

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5.Stevita Stevia Sweet Candy Natural Strawberry

Stevita Stevia Sweet Candy Natural Strawberry Flavor- 1.4 Oz - Sugar Free Hard Candy, Stevia Sweetened - Usda Organic, Non Gmo, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free - 26 Servings, Pack of 1

These stevia-sweetened sugar-free candy tastes, looks and eats like candy. Stevita  uses the artificial sweetener isomalt, a natural sugar alcohol from non-GMO sugarcane to create these mouth-watering hard candies with natural plant-based strawberry flavor

These are very sweet and perfect when you want a little bit of candy.

The Cherry flavor tastes very good, and I eat about 3  of them after lunch for a little sweetness.

Most of the time I don’t  eat enough at any one time to worry about gastric distress, as the apparent side-effect some people experience with sugar-alcohols.

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6.NOOSH Keto Birthday Cake Almond Butter Packets

Keto Friendly MCT Oil NOOSH Birthday Cake Almond Butter that is Smooth and Silky

these packets are Keto + MCT Oil Almond Butter with 80% of the calories from fat including medium chain triglyceride, 12% of the calories are from protein, 3% of the calories are from dietary fiber and 4% of the calories are from sugars, including those naturally occurring in the almond.

The low carb almond butter candy packs do not contain artificial sweeteners like regular low carb candies. It honestly tastes just like a cupcake! It’s rich, creamy and delicious. They’re very addictive, so be careful.

TIP: YOU MUST KNEAD THEM FULLY right before you eat them. Lots of people complain about the packaging, but that’s because they do not knead them first.


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7. Lily’s Dark Chocolate Stevia Sweetened 55% Chips 

This is a delightful candy treat before bed without wrecking my workout regimen and keto diet.

The chips are very small so you could bake with them or add to ketogenic ice cream.  The chips taste like a dark chocolate with a little bit of sweetness

I have seen these carried and certain grocery stores.

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8.Nuts ‘N More Cocoa Hazelnut Butter Spread

Keto Approved Nutella Nuts'n More Hazeulnut chocolate spread jar


The perfect low carb replacement for nutella. Add to A delicious guilt-free treat, spread it on fruit, add to smoothies, pancakes,  breakfast oatmeal, cookie recipes, energy bars or protein balls.

It’s  also wonderful with low carb crackers, or apples, or just eaten with a spoon.

WARNING:Don’t buy this if you’re on a diet but as a low carb candy treat. I’s’s TOO good. I can’t stop eating it straight out of the darn jar.


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9. Lily’s Dark Chocolate Variety Package 

Low Carb Dark Chocolate Variety Pack-Coconut, Creamy Milk, Salted Almond, Caramel, Plain

Lily’s dark chocolate is the perfect ketogenic chocoalte candy bar.

I discovered these in the grocery store.  They are made from stevia and contain no sugar or aftertaste.  The taste is not a overwhelming sugar taste like a regular candy bar but just enough sweet to enhance the chocolate.



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10. Smart Sweets Peach Rings 

SmartSweets Keto Peach Rings Bag

These peach rings are a great low carb treat!

I have done the Smart Sweet varieties and was pleasantly surprised to see this offering.

The candy rings are about the same diameter as the originals  peach rings and the peach flavor is pretty awesome. It’s not as sickeningly sweet but still quality peach flavor.

The rings themselves are  firmer than the sugar-HFCS version . These are more like fruit snacks and less spongey/pulley – same texture as the Smart Sweet Swedish fish.

It’s a great candy treat for yourself when following a low carb diet!

>>Keto Smart Sweets Peach Rings 


Keto Candy Conclusion 

In conclusion having candy on a ketogenic diet is possible just do so in a moderate fashion. Stay away from malitol, aspartame, and splenda when choosing sugar free candies. If you do end up choosing candies with these artificial sweeteners have them in moderation.


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