Keto Chocolate Guide: Eat Chocolate Lose Weight

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Are you are thinking about starting the Keto diet but can’t stand the thought of never eating chocolate again?

Have no fear, because you can eat dark chocolate and stay in keto.


Is it a special keto chocolate explicitly designed for the keto diet? Nope! It’s sold at your grocery store.  It’s dark chocolate ( 85% and higher) and is naturally high fat, low carb.  Dark chocolate is mostly composed of saturated fat- which contrary to conventional wisdom, is not bad for you.  Read more about how to choose the best fats on a ketogenic diet here.

In fact, dark chocolate is considered a health food [1] The health benefits of chocolate relate to a vast array of health outcomes. The most substantial advantage is cardiovascular benefits [2], but studies also hint at the prevention of infectious disease and cancer!  Mind blowing right? Oh, it gets better. Studies also suggest the metabolic benefits of dark chocolate, including a reduction in waistline! Yup, you read that right – eating chocolate will reduce your waistline. [3]


Below is what the cocoa bean looks before processing. Very very bitter!

Another concern you may be having is that you don’t like the taste of dark chocolate and find it too bitter. Don’t worry. When on a keto diet you will notice your taste buds changing. You will see fruit tastes a lot sweeter, and other foods have a richness in flavor that you never tasted before. The dulled tastebuds are because sugar dulls the taste buds, and when you get rid of sugar you gain back your sensitivity to various flavors.  [6] Dark chocolate will gain a rich flavor you never noticed before. Full of tones and notes that is almost like a symphony on your taste buds. You will be looking forward to trying different chocolates from all over the world.


Why is chocolate good for Keto?


Not only is it healthy, but it comes with a host of benefits.  Dark Chocolate ( 85% and higher) helps weight loss by improving mitochondrial biogenesis. In layman terms,  it enables cells to more efficiently convert fat into energy your body can use. [4] It also offers neuron protection and enhances cognition and positive mood.  Next time you break up with your boyfriend, instead of grabbing a pint of ice cream reach for a delicious rich bar of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate can also: [5]

  • Protect nerves from injury and inflammation
  • Protects the skin from oxidative damages from UV radiations ( anti-aging!)
  • Increases satiety, so you eat less
  • Reduces cardiovascular
  • Insulin resistance



How do you choose the right Keto chocolate?

Friendly Keto chocolate needs to be at least 85 percent cocoa. A substantial amount of dark chocolate manufactured by well-known brands such as Dove and Hershey’s are incredibly high in sugar! Though they resemble in taste, they are vastly different in macronutrients. Five pieces of Dove dark chocolate pieces, will kick you out of keto, and stall weight loss.

When choosing dark chocolate for a keto diet, make sure it has the label of what percentage of cocoa it is. For instance, if the chocolate is labeled 85 percent that means that the chocolate bar is 85% cocoa and 15 percent sugar (sometimes this will also include milk).

It’s important to choose a high content cocoa content to sugar content because this will not kick you out of ketosis, and you will remain a fat burning machine.

Below is a picture of 3 squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate. Guilt-free, health-promoting, cancer-preventing chocolate ? [1][2][3]



What are the best Keto Chocolate Brands?

There are many delicious dark chocolate brands. However; I am only going to include my top 5 favorite chocolate bars in the entire world. I have only been to three countries ( if you include America)  soo.. yeah… Not a broad knowledge base.…

Fine-tuning your taste buds for dark chocolate opens up a whole new world of adventure ?I don’t travel just for chocolate…although that would be a good excuse to tell my husband… 


Brands you can find in America:

1)Divine Chocolate

Divine chocolate has a delicious, creamy, deep flavor. It’s my favorite brand of chocolate that you can find at your local whole foods, and sometimes the specialty section of “regular” grocery store for around $2.99 a bar. 


Being Keto Friendly with a 2:1 ratio, making it around 66% fat for one serving size.  



2) XoXo 88% Chocolate


The smoothest 88% dark chocolate you will find, with an intense flavor. Contradictor, but try it. It will amaze you! 

With a Whopping 6  total net carbs with 16 grams of fat, this is comprised of a 2:1 ratio making it 66% fat and keto friendly! 


3) Lindt 85%

Found in almost every grocery store, and for a good reason! Lindt is delicious tasting, with cocoa percentages from 70 percent to 99 percent. The 99 percent is intense, and I would suggest starting with a lower percentage and working your way up to 99 percent. Once you ” acquire the taste” the 99 percent chocolate will amaze and delight you. 











4) Ulker-  80% Turkish Chocolate

Turkey is not known for their chocolate, but in my one year of working in the capital, I discovered Ulker Chocolate. I wasn’t expecting much, but it blew me away! It has a rich smooth chocolate flavor, that is very unique. You can find the chocolate in Turkey for around $1 ( cheap because of the exchange rate). 




5)  Rausch Chocolate- German Dark Chocolate

My favorite chocolate in the entire world! Words cannot describe this chocolate. When eating this chocolate, it’s like a little piece of ecstasy melting in your mouth. It’s found all over Germany in almost every grocery and convenience store. Go to Berlin and try it out 🙂




How much dark chocolate can I eat on Keto?

On a keto diet, you can have around 1 serving of chocolate and still stay in Ketosis. You can have your chocolate and eat it too. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, and after a  couple of months on the keto diet, you will begin to love your new way of eating. Give it time. One day you may even find yourself eating 99% chocolate and loving it!