Top Low-Carb Flour For the Perfect Flour Replacement

You love yourself some bread products.

I get it. Unfortunately, you also want to fit into the pants you wore to your high school graduation. Thankfully, there are many keto flours that you can use to replace high carb flours.

It’s good to keep in mind that when using keto flour substitutes they almost will never taste like the “real thing”. This doesn’t mean that they taste better or worse, the low carb flours just taste different.

When buying ketogenic flours make sure you never keep them stored in the store bought bag as they tend to go rancid quickly. Make sure to buy airtight containers to keep the keto flours as fresh as possible for the longest amount of time.

Flours that are approved for a ketogenic diet are most nut flours to include pecan flour, hazelnut flour, coconut flour, and almond flour. Nut-Free low carb flour substitutes can include sunflower seed flour and pumpkin seed flour.

A great keto thickener to replace flour  is arrowroot powder.

Flours that are not low carb but not limited to are tapioca flour, chickpea flour, rice flour, gluten flour, and tiger nut flour.

Recipes call for a lot more than just a flour substitute.

A Keto baking ingredients list includes ghee, baking soda, baking powder, butter, avocado oil, nuts and seeds, chia seeds, and keto-approved sweeteners. Check out the best keto-approved sweeteners here.

The Best Flours to Use on a Keto Diet


Top 7 Keto Flour Alternatives


Carbquik  Flour


Keto Carbquik Biscuit and Baking Mix. Cut the Carbs

Carbquik is a low carb biscuit baking mix that strongly resembles gluten flour. In some keto recipes you can substitute carbquik with gluten flour  1:1. Carbquik Flour is not keto-approved, but will not kick you out of ketosis. It does contain gluten, so stay away if you are sensitive.

It’s also great if you looking to make amazing biscuits. They taste exactly like a high-carb biscuit.

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Also, check out some of the amazing carbquik recipes here.  


Coconut Flour


Low Carb Organic Coconut Flour Gluten Free, Vega, OrganicCoconut flour is keto friendly and healthy for you. The flour is made  made from the pulp of coconut and ground finely and dried out.

You can not substitute coconut oil to almond flour 1 to 1.  It is a very absorbent flour, so you will need to add eggs to balance (extra liquid) this extreme absorbency. Coconut oil is also a great keto flour for frying. 

This extreme absorbency of coconut flour  is due to the high fiber content coconut flour contains. 

 For every cup of wheat flour, 1/3 of coconut four will be needed. 

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It’s a good practice that the amount of coconut flour you use will need to have the same amount of liquid. For example, if you use one cup of coconut flour, you will need to use 1 cup of liquid- usually in egg form. 

Cooking With Coconut Flour 

For the best results, it’s recommended to use coconut flour as a replacement for up to about 20% of the total flour in a recipe. This means if you’re baking with almond meal or sprouted spelt wheat flour for example, you can substitute out 20% of one of those flours and add coconut flour instead.

It’s not recommended to replace 100% of the almond or wheat flour with coconut flour. 

When you store coconut oil, make sure the container is air-tight! Because it absorbs so much liquid, keep it away from the fridge or freezer.

Benefits of coconut flour on a low carb diet  [1]

  • Aids in Metabolism–  Coconut oil contains MUFAs. These are used by the body easily for energy and help to support a healthy metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels, and more. (1)
  • High if fiber-Contains nearly 61% of its carbs from fiber. Remember on the keto diet, fiber is subtracted from the total carbs.
  • Maintains healthy blood sugar-Unlike gluten, coconut oil will not spike blood sugar. It also helps lower the total glycemic impact!
  • Helps Digestive Health-Coconut flour has been shown to lower “bad cholesterol (LDL) and is full in fiber which helps to supply a good gut microbiome.   Check here for the latest Anthony’s Coconut Flour Price 


Almond Flour

Keto-ApprovedAnthony's Premium Blanched Almond FlourAlmond flour tends to be the cheapest of the group, however much more almond flour is usually needed in the recipe than coconut flour. 

Around 80 almonds make about one cup of almond flour. The means it’s very easy to overeat on keto desserts, and think you are “being good”. 

I know it’s tempting but stay away from desserts in your first 30 days. To get more information on how to maximize weight loss on the keto diet in the first 30 days, click the link at the top of the page! Get your free guide! 

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There are two types of almond flour. These include with and without the skin.

  • Almond meal includes the entire skin, and the end result is usually denser than blanched almond flour. 
  • Blanched almond flour you always wants to go with blanched almond flour when you can. This type has no skins and the end products tend to be fluffier and lighter. 

Cooking with Almond Flour is relatively the same as wheat. You can replace it in a one-to-one ratio with wheat flour. Keep in mind, that the end product will be flatter. It will also require eggs or other binding agents. 

Benefits of Almond Flour [2]

  •  Boosts Heart Health 
  •  Helps Discourage Cancer Formation
  •  Aids in Managing Blood Sugar for Diabetics
  •  Encourages Healthy Waistlines
  • Improves Energy Levels

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Nutrition Almond Flour

 A quarter cup (28 grams) of a typical almond flour contains about: 160 calories

  • 6 grams carbohydrates
  • 6 grams protein
  • 14 grams fat
  • 3 grams fiber

Psyllium Husk


Anthony's Psyllium Husk Powder Gluten-Free, Vega, Organic Low Carb FlourPsyllium husk power is used commonly in keto bread to get a more rustic flavor. The rustic texture is hard to get when you mainly use eggs for a thickener or stabilizer.

 If you add enough water and heat psyllium husk powder up, it will become very elastic just like gluten! This makes Psyllium husk an effective replacement for gluten and a great enhance to keto flours. 

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Ground Flax Meal

Bobs Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal Packed with Potential

If you can’t stand the taste of so many eggs in your dessert try ground flax meal!  Flaxseed is a delicious egg replacement. 

Flaxseeds are also a  great way to get extra Omega 3s in your diet.

Read here on how to replace an egg with ground flax meal!

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Sunflower Seed Meal

Raw Sunflower Seed Meal -Vegan Kosher Non-GMO

Sunflower seed meal is less common on the ketogenic diet,  however if you are allergic to nuts this will be a life saver when following a low carb diet.

Sunflower Seed Meal  can be replaced on a 1-1 ratio with almond flour, so no need to worry about reformulating recipes. 

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Pumpkin Seed Meal

                                                                         Gluten-free baking tends to brown faster on the outside. This makes it a good idea to lower Low Carb Gerbs Raw Pumpkin Seed Mealhe baking temperature by 25 degrees. Also, take out the cake before it’s done cooking to prevent dryness.

In order to prevent dryness when using pumpkin seed flour add an additional 10 ml of water per 10 g of Pumpkin Seed Flour to recipes.

It’s great to put into low carb smoothie shakes, a wonderful keto dessert flour for those who are allergic to nuts, or sprinkle it over a low carb casserole to make a killer topping.

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Hazelnut Flour

Finely Ground Hazelnut Meal Flour From Whole Hazelnuts Low Carb Flour

Hazelnut flour is a wonderful low carb flour for making crusts. You can use it on a 1:1 ratio when replacing almond flour.

Almond meal tends to get a little spongy and dense, whereas hazelnut flour holds it’s crumbly, nutty texture much better.

The flavor of hazelnut flour is also more interesting and complimentary.

Trying using it as a breading for crusting fish, meats, or veggie meats. You can even use it as a flour substitute   for certain varieties of cookies and muffins.

A delicious recipe would be 1 cup hazelnut meal, 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 1/4 cup Splenda, 1/4 cup melted salted butter. Press into the pan, toast at 450 for a few minutes, then pour your cheesecake batter on top and bake as directed!

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If you have an other low carb  flour alternative suggestions leave your comment below! Cooking with low carb  flour is a different experience and may take some adjusting. Don’t let your first failed attempt at cooking with LCHF flours to be your last attempt! Have fun with ketogenic cooking, try new recipes and I’m 100% sure you will find recipes that you will  love.


Best Low Carb  Baking Mix Made with Coconut Flour 

Keto an Co Fudge Brownies Keto Baking Mix


I had to include these in the list because these low carb brownies made with coconut flour are absolutely delicious!  They are very moist, fudgy, and have  a rich brownie flavor.

They taste like a ” real” brownie without the guilt associated with downing a brownie. Make sure not to eat too many of them as they do have a laxative effect……

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