Best Ketogenic Ice Cream Brands to Buy In Stores | Best Low-Carb Options

You miss ice cream and still want to lose weight.

You’re feening for some delicious low carb ice cream.

I get it. That’s why you’re on this page. You want to know what the best keto ice cream brands out there that resembles your beloved Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. One that tastes like a high-fat high-carb keto ice cream replacement. 

Or maybe you want a delicious keto ice cream recipe that you whip up in the kitchen. 

A keto ice cream brand that won’t ruin your net carb total for the day. Gotta keep it under 30 carbs.


Thankfully, due to the explosion of high-fat low-carb diets there have been tons of keto ice cream brands that have come out. This causes a competition among the companies to create the best tasting LCHF ice cream that they possibly can. 

There have also been hundreds of amazing low carb ice cream created that you can pick up for your ketogenic diet. 

This article will guide you and save you hours of research you would have to do on your own. The best thing is that these keto-friendly ice creams can be found in stores! 

When looking for the perfect keto-friendly ice cream brand remember that it will never be a 100% match to your favorite high-sugar high-carb store-bought ice cream. Also, keep in mind artificial sweeteners change the way the ice cream freezes. The texture will almost never match a  pint of ice cream that uses real sugar. 

Ice cream made with Erythritol will always freeze hard. There is no getting around this. 

Also, when calculating carbs in this article,  I only include the net carbs. This is when you subtract the fiber from the total carb count. 

When choosing a keto-friendly ice cream “Avoid sucralose, aspartame, sorbitol, xylitol as these have been linked to gut health. [1]. 

In my experience, I have found no stalls in weight loss due to a small number of artificial sweeteners. Sugar alcohols however due upset my stomach. I have also found that a  stall will occur if I eat like 10 pints of keto-friendly ice cream in a week….

Yeah… don’t do this.

Just because ice cream is low carb, does not mean you can eat it all of the time!! Treat keto ice cream as an occasional treat that you eat once and while.

No matter whether you want low carb strawberry ice cream, keto chocolate ice cream, LCHF vanilla ice cream, a low-carb dairy-free ice cream option you will be able to find it.

The best low-carb toppings are pecans, walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. They especially go good with vanilla ice cream and add a little bit more fat content.


Best Ketogenic Friendly Ice Cream Brands 


Killer Creamery Ice Cream Brand

8 Carbs Per Vanilla Pint 

I was very surprised when I tried this ice cream. The texture is amazing, and the flavor is good. A little icy for my tastes, but still good. 

Killer Creamery is truly a low carb high fat ice cream. It contains MCTs, natural ingredients, and is sweetened without sugar. 

I tried the Mint and was pleasantly surprised. It’s also one of the highest fat low carb ice creams available. 

I found this brand at my local Safeway. 

Check if Killer Creamery Ice Cream is  are near you at the link below. 

Killers Flavors include four tasty flavors. They are No Judge Mint(Mint Chip), PB & Whey(Chocolate and Peanut Butter), Chilla in Vanilla(Classic Vanilla) and Coco You Know(Classic Chocolate).


Keto Pint  Low Carb Ice Cream

12 carbs per Chocolate  Pint 

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t really like this brand. The texture was a little light, and not very creamy.  

Fortunately, they are releasing new formula that hopefully will address the texture issue. 

Because I didn’t care about it that doesn’t mean you won’t love it!  It won’t kick you out of ketosis if you down a pint, and many people love this brand. 

All Keto Pint flavors are keto-friendly, gluten-free, contain NO sugar, and are dairy hormone-free and their cows are treated humanely. The flavors that create include peanut butter cup, chocolate, mint chip, coffee, and sea salt caramel. 

Learn more about keto pint ice cream

I’m able to find this keto brand of ice cream at my local grocery store. 


So Delicious Dairy-Free Low-Carb  Ice Cream

28 Carbs per Vanilla Pint 

This keto ice cream is Low Carb & Dairy Free 


A representation of the texture of the So delicious Low Car Ice Cream

This is my favorite low carb ice cream brand.

 If you can’t stand the coconut flavor then I would stay away. It’s perfect for people who don’t mind a little coconut aroma, and are dairy sensitive. 

They have sugar-free brands in chocolate, mint chip, and vanilla.  All of which are VERY good ( in my opinion). 

The texture is amazing. The flavor is amazing. The Macros are amazing. 

So Delicious brand is very popular and can be found at almost any major retailer, it’s also a great low-carb dairy-free ice cream. 

You cannot eat an entire pint unless you don’t plan on not eating any other carb for the day. 

Portion control is a must for any of these low carb ice creams (sadly). 

Check out if they are near you at the link below. 

Check out where you can buy at  the link below

The flavors include vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip (my favorite).

Rebel Creamery Keto-Approved Ice Cream 

4 Carbs per Vanilla Pint 

At the time of writing this, I haven’t tried this brand. I’ve ordered a couple of pints, but I am still waiting for them to arrive. 

However, I have researched this brand and the results have been that this brand is phenomenal. 

The best sentence I have found on this topic was from hip2Keto.

 They stated, “You’re taking a bite of a frozen, sweet, creamy substance that doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth, and it is so satisfying to your sweet tooth that you break away from this nirvana in a panic thinking it must be loaded with sugar and carbs.”

Not only have people described this keto brand as nirvana, but it’s also the lowest carb keto ice cream brand on the market. A pint of vanilla has 4 net carbs. 4 net grams is perfect for a boyfriend breakup, a failed exam, or want to rebel a little bit on your diet without destroying your previous efforts. 

The low-carb ice cream flavors are not limited to Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Fudge, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Coffee Chip, Black Raspberry, Cherry Chip, Triple Chocolate, Coconut Almond Swirl, Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel.

Modern Pop Keto Ice Cream

10 Carbs per Bar

The Modern Pop Low Carb Avocado Ice Cream Pop. Safe for the keto diet!

I just discovered this avocado low carb ice cream at Fred Myers!

This avocado keto ice cream tastes amazing is very creamy and contains low carb friendly ingredients. Each bar is 10 carbs each, so you will have to do a little planning.

Check Out Modern Pop Ice Cream 

Popular Low-Carb Ice Cream Brands but Not KETO Friendly 

These two brands of ice cream have been touted as great for the keto diet, but are not safe an LCHF diet due to the ingredients they contain. 

Halo Ice Cream

24 Carbs per Pint

Halo is more for people watching their calories. They aim for both the low calorie and low-fat audience. 

Though the pint is fewer carbs than the above So Delicious, I would not recommend Halo for a keto diet for several reasons.

The first reason to avoid Halo is the fat to carb proportion. It’s 2 grams of fat for every 8 grams of carbs. It’s also a little high in protein meaning you have to watch out with protein intake in the rest of your daily ketogenic meals. 


Low Carb Icecream that is not keto friendly.

I can’t recommend Enlightened keto ice cream because of the ingredient list. Below is a list of the ingredients I found being used which WILL kick you out of ketosis. 

There are plenty of other ketogenic ice cream brands on the market that you do not have to settle for poor quality ingredients that will slow down your weight loss. 

If you are going to do a ketogenic diet, stick to high-quality ingredients. 

  • Cane sugar
  • Natural flavor
  • Caramel color
  • Disodium phosphate
  • Corn starch
  • Lecithin

Breyers Smart Carb 

Breyers Smart Carb IceCream tastes amazing. Sadly, this low carb ice cream also kicks me out of Ketosis. 

Breyer’s contains many ingredients that are not keto-approved including Maltodextrin is extremely high glycemic and will kick you out of ketosis! Stay away at all costs.  Do not 


The best LCHF ice cream depends on your preference for ice cream. My personal favorite is the So Delicious Sugar-Free Vanilla because I enjoy the taste and texture. SO Delicious is a little bit higher in carbs but contains mostly fats from MCTs.  The downside to SO Delicious sugar-free ice cream is that I MUST watch my portion control when eating. 

The macros are great for the ketogenic diet and I honestly can’t taste the difference. Maybe this is because I’ve been on a low carb diet for so long, that I’ve forgotten what real ice cream tastes like! 

I would go to the store and pick up a couple of varieties and see what you like best, and then stick with that ice cream brand for the duration of your keto weight loss journey (hopefully a permanent one)


Making Your Own Keto Ice Cream At Home

If you don’t want to buy low-carb high fat-ice cream at the store, you can create your own ice cream at home. 

When companies try to produce a keto ice cream on a large scale, it will never resemble the ice cream pint you can make at home. You can use whole cream, organic eggs, and monk fruit. 

Pick up an ice cream maker on Amazon for around $40 and create your own! 

>>Check out the latest price for a  Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Here 

There are several advantages to making your own keto-friendly ice cream at home rather than buying at a grocery store. You know exactly what the ingredients are, you can adjust the sweetness level with your keto sweetener of choice, and you can choose the best fats for your body. 

Commonly Asked Questions aboutlow-carb ice cream brands


What is the best keto-friendly ice cream at Whole Foods? 

“Best” is relative to the person’s taste buds. So Delicious keto ice cream brand is sold at Whole Food but does contain a higher carb count. 

Where do they sell Keto ice Cream?

  • HEB
  • Central Market
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Safeway
  • Fred Myers
  • Krogers

You can get almost all of the ice creams listed in this low carb ice cream list at Walmart and whole foods.

Is Sugar-Free Ice Cream Keto?

No. It could be keto, but the sugar-free label also could be misleading. Many ice cream brands tout sugar-free but contain MANY carbs and harmful ingredients that will kick you out of ketosis. 


5 delicious low carb ice cream recipes 

Lemon Curd Keto Ice Cream 

No-Churn Keto Ice Cream 

Cookie Dough Keto Ice Cream 

Chocolate Ice Cream 

4 Ingredient Chocolate Keto Ice Cream 


In conclusion, there are many delicious ketogenic ice cream brands on the market.

More and more companies are in competition with each other to create the best tasting, most delicious, creamiest low carb friendly ice cream.

 Even though these LCHF ice creams are “safe” for the ketogenic diet, that doesn’t mean you should eat ice cream every day. 

The ketogenic diet isn’t going away anytime soon due to its sustainability, effectiveness, and passionate followers. This means better ice creams will be created, and I will update this article from time to time. 

This also means restaurants will become more aware of the keto diet and start offering choices to its many followers. 

I’m excited to see what the future holds! 

Keep Calm and Keto on 😉


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