Lazy Keto [How to Lose Weight Forever]

Losing weight sucks for anyone who doesn’t like regimentation.  Following the keto diet is also petrifying for someone who doesn’t want to spend their life counting macros.

Good thing there is lazy keto.

Lazy keto may be for you if…

  • You found out about the keto diet but are scared about counting every single macro.
  • You don’t want to think about food all the time
  • You want to have a stress free life
  • You want to follow a keto diet for a long period of time. This makes counting every macro impossible.

 Lazy Keto is Not for you If….

  • You are looking for fast weight loss so you can go back to your old ways of eating
  • You think this means you can only do keto every other day
  • You enjoy tracking data to better troubleshoot weightloss stalls, etc. later on.

What is lazy keto

Lazy Keto

Lazy keto is only counting carbs, and not fat, protein, or calories. The goal is to keep it under 20 carbs, and you can be loose with the other aspects.

You keep it under 20 carbs when you are in the weight loss mode only. Once you have lost all the weight, you can increase your intake of carbs. You should not stay in Ketosis permanently!

When you continue to maintenance mode, you can add starch veggies, fruit, and corn back into your diet. Note, that I did not say pasta, candy, and ice cream.

If you think losing the weight means you can go back to your old way of eating, you are dead wrong! Depending on your metabolism this could be at 50 carbs or 100 carbs. Maybe even 150 carbs. The lazy keto continues…

Lazy Keto is Not…

Lazy keto does not mean you cheat on your diet. A “just this once mentality” DETRIMENTAL to your success. This also does whacky things with your metabolism, and you will continuously have the keto flu.

Decide to follow lazy keto for 3 months with no CHEATING, and just execute. I’ve made the mistake of continuously looking for research and becoming a keto junkie. It’s not your knowledge of the diet but your correct execution of the diet.

You WILL lose a lot of weight and feel amazing. But NO CHEATING.

Watch out for extra carbs in..

  • Condiments- Things like ketchup, sauces, salsas
  • Coffee- Yes, that extra creamer in your coffee counts..
  • Artificial sweeteners- You can lose weight while consuming certain artificial sweeteners, but remember that not all are 0 carbs. Some people are more sensitive to artificial sweeteners than others. There is also emerging science on the detrimental effects artificial sweeteners have on the microbiome.
  • Free Samples- Okay, maybe this one is just me. But those free samples at stores will add up!! Be careful!

Lazy keto vs strict keto vs dirty keto

Strict keto is when you count your macros and document them in detail. That means your total calorie count, your total fat, carbs, and protein. This is very useful when you come along with weight loss stalls as you have accurate data and can play around with the numbers to troubleshoot your weight loss stall.

The disadvantage to strict data is you may become obsessed with it causing you to become of the keto nazi police. It is also time consuming and energy consuming to always be tracking your macros. For me, this is NOT sustainable; therefore I choose the lazy keto way.

Life is more than counting macros, and lazy keto works perfectly fine for me.

For data junkies out there, this may be perfect for you! Also, those who enjoy more structure and regimentation will be fond of strict keto.

Dirty Keto is when you don’t eat completely clean. Like you can get that McDonald’s burger without the bun. This may sound great, but I warn you that you may not feel the best when eating like this.

I tried it, but after about two weeks, I felt like crap (even in ketosis). You aren’t getting the nutrients you need, and you have no idea what “food enhancers” they are using. Not to mention the harmful effect it may have on your microbiome.

Getting a fast food burger without the bun is okay occasionally, but I wouldn’t do it all the time. Just because something is keto friendly does not mean it is healthy.

Lazy keto is my preferred method for several reasons.


Lazy Keto Benefits


I can’t stand being regimented. It makes me want to rebel. If I do decide to go on a “strict plan”, either I usually get super obsessed with it and BURN out, quickly, or I rebel from the beginning. With lazy keto, I don’t have to stress about my MACROS being off, or how I ate too much protein for a day. I just eat under 20 carbs, and that’s it.


Counting every MACRO is not sustainable for me for the rest of my lie. Maybe in the short run, but no way can I dedicate my life to counting every single thing I eat. This makes a strict keto diet not sustainable. You may be different, and love counting everything. If that is you, then definitely go for it.


The fitness industry has lied to you. You do not need to dedicate your entire life to fitness and nutrition to have a healthy life style. You just need to integrate certain habits in your life. Habits like weight lifting, stretching and walking. This totals about 4 hours a week. That’s it. Along with a health approach to eating.

A keto diet may be for you, or maybe a vegetarian diet. I can’t tell you what to follow, and you will have to experiment with different diets to figure out what is best for you.

Lazy Keto Cons

Weight loss stall

The time will come when you stay the same weight for a month or more! This sounds devasting but is normal. Two steps forward and 1 step back seems to be the theme in every adventure.

When you have been following lazy keto, a weight loss stall is burdensome. Because the only thing you have been tracking is carbs! This makes adjustments a little bit harder. The issue could be too many calories, too much protein, or not enough fat.

You have no idea because you haven’t been tracking.  The most likely cause is hidden carbs, but that is just a guess.

Don’t take the diet seriously

The simplicity of the lazy ketogenic approach may have some people not take it seriously. The simple nature of the diet just doesn’t meet their “ NO PAIN NO GAIN “ mentality.

I encourage you to not fall down this trap. Just because something isn’t difficult to follow, does not mean that it is not effective. IT IS EFFECTIVE.

Too many people are half assing the lazy keto approach, and then go around and tell their friends about how they failed.
They failed because they didn’t discipline themselves. Does it take a lot of effort? No.

Does it take a lot of discipline to say no to those office donuts? YES! But only in the beginning. Once you form the habit of saying no to food, it becomes much easier and you will be able to coast.

Weight Gain

I have fallen into the trap of thinking calories don’t matter on the ketogenic diet. Only carbs matter. To some extent this is true. The keto diet will help decrease appetite, and you will be able to eat fewer calories without losing muscle mass. Unfortunately, some people think this means they can eat all of the low carb food they want!

This is a terrible mindset to have. Let me tell you why.

You want your body to be able to burn STORED FAT, not fat that you consume. The keto diet makes your metabolism very efficient at burning fat, but it won’t burn STORED fat unless it has a reason to.

So, once you get into Ketosis, it’s best to reduce your calorie intake so your body can burn it’s own energy stores instead of the energy coming from food.

Therefore intermittent fasting is POWERFUL when combined with a lazy keto approach.

Lazy Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is a wonderful self-care practice that you can implement in your weight loss journey.

Do not confuse this with starving yourself or lowering calories. These have very DIFFERENT effects on metabolism. Both which can lower the efficiency of your metabolism.

Paradoxically, fasting can increase the speed of your metabolism. This is because when your body has no food, it can go through self-healing techniques. These include autophagy and mitophagy which are your bodies cleansing agents that help with cellular renewal and function.

It’s also a great anti-aging tool to add to your beauty care routine also.

How to Start the Lazy Keto Methodology

This isn’t rocket science. Weightless is limiting your insulin spikes. Therefore you want to only eat food that limits your insulin spikes. There are many factors that contribute to this. It’s not only food, but the food is the easiest to control

The three steps you want to take to start the lazy keto methodology are

  • Decide – This is the most important step. Without a decision, you will be wishy washy, and be swayed into every type of diet possible. Make a firm decision with yourself tha you are going to follow the lazy keto approach for three months. Don’t change it for three months. Tell yourself every morning about the decision.
  • Knowledge– Gather the necessary knowledge. Maybe you don’t know what a carb is. Well, go and research what a carb is. Maybe you don’t know what to eat. Go and gather that information. Every question you have, you can do a quick google search and find the answer!
  • Execute- Once you have all the information, execute on this decision! Without execution, al the time you spend on gathering information was a waste of time.


Tips for Succeeding on a Lazy Keto Diet

  • Eat the same thing every day- I find this helpful. It sounds boring, but when you discover the world of spices, it really doesn’t seem like you are eating the same thing. For instance, I eat chicken drumsticks every night for dinner, but I use different spices. Sometimes I will use Jamaican spices, Indian spices, Mexican spices, Chinese spices, and it all comes out a different flavor! Same goes for eggs. I use different hot sauces and salsas for a new flavor. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Find “Go To” Foods – My go to foods are eggs, cheese, and chicken drumsticks. Find foods that you like and incorporate them into your meals. It saves money, time, and energy.
  • Limit eating out- I love eating out. Unfortunately, you never know what is in the food! It may seem keto friendly but is loaded with starchy thickeners. Be wary.

Lazy Keto Sample Meal Plan

I’m probably one of the laziest people when it comes to cooking. I like simplicity.

The purpose of the lazy keto way of eating is it’s SIMPLE.

Here is what a day of lazy keto looks like for me



I either have scrambled eggs with some type of chicken sausage. I cook it in coconut oil to boost my fat content, or I just have some hard-boiled eggs.

Another method is just to skip breakfast altogether. This integrates intermittent fasting into your regime and will boost fat loss.


I make four days’ worth of lunch on Sunday night to bring to work with me. It takes me about 30 minutes.

What do I do?

I steam a bunch of veggies ( usually cauliflower), and I separate it into 4 glass containers. I then buy 4 no nitrate 0 carb sausages and put on in each container. I make sure they are precooked, so I can just microwave it.

I add some butter and cheese, and put in into the refrigerator, and bring it to work the next day.

This saves me time and money, and I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat.

I don’t mind eating the same thing every day, so this works for me. If you are someone who can’t stand sameness, try to change up the sausage type or veggie type.


I have drumsticks during the week but mix up the spices, so it feels like I have a different meal. Sometimes I will add a vegetable, but sometimes I’m just not that hungry.

One of the greatest benefits of the keto diet is you lose your APPETITE!!

I could probably just skip dinner and be find, but I enjoy the process of making the food too much (paradoxically).


My snacks consist of cheese and pickles.

Sometimes I will just get a tomato slice and put some cheese on top and melt it. This taste amazing for me. It’s even better with some basil.


Moon cheese is also the perfect lazy keto snack. Trader Joes has this variety for about $2.99, and I think it tastes better.

Veggies dipped in freshly made ranch dressing is another option.

Making your own ranch dressing may not be the lazy keto way but is WAY worth it.

Lazy Keto Recipes

Spices will add a variety to even the simplest meals such as ground beef, eggs, and chicken.

Check out these recipes that are perfect for lazy keto.