8 Store Bought Keto Snacks


Have you ever had one of those moods where you just want something salty? Or how about crunchy?  Or maybe you want a cookie. Or what about a pint of ice cream?

Because..well ice cream is good. Like really good.


On a keto diet, you may assume all those things are not allowed.

I’m here to tell you, they are allowed!

There are substitutes for every keto food.


Below are the top 8 Store Bought Keto Snacks.


Although going to Walmart provides plenty of keto snack opportunities, Amazon provides even more opportunities.


Keto Store-Bought Snacks:



Snacks for keto

I love cookies. Like…seriously. A passionate love affair. That’s with all food though. 

Good thing I’m not alone on my love of cookies. There are many keto cookies available and the best Keto cookies are The Quest Cookie and Ketosnax 


Fat Snax  Cookies come in ginger turmeric, peanut butter, and chocolate chip. I personally have had the chocolate chip and thought it was a good alternative to a chocolate chip. I would eat them off of keto.

You can add some cashew butter, peanut butter, or coconut manna to the cookie…which ups the flavor and adds extra fat.


The peanut butter flavor I have not tried, but have heard mixed reviews about. It’s really easy to make your own keto peanut butter cookies. Because of this I would pass on this flavor.


The third flavor was Ginger Tumeric and have heard that it has a strong flavor of ginter and not much turmeric. I’m not a fan of ginger, but if you happen to be…go ahead!


Quest Cookie come in a variety of flavors. The macros are not technically keto, but if you add some cocoa manna to the cookie, it will boost fat content. They are a little bit high in protein ( which can kick you out of ketosis), so be careful not to eat more than one. 

If you add them in the microwave, they taste much better when warm. At a whopping 4 net carbs, what is there to lose?

Get the Here: 

Quest Cookes 

Fat Snax Cookies 

Just the Cheese Bars


I have had these, and absolutely loved them! The aged cheddar is very strong, which I love. However; my coworker had one, and absolutely hated it. If you love sharp cheddar cheese, you will love these! If you are more of a mild cheddar person, these may not suit you very well.

They are a little pricey. If you like to store them away in your purse these are great. However; you can make them at home for much cheaper! Just get some sharp cheddar cheese and bake the cheese on.

Whisps Asiago and Parmaseam 

Cheese Crisps 


Milk Chocolate


Keto Chocolate



I love dark chocolate. I’m talking about the 85 percent cocoa content.

However; I realize that many people think it’s absolutely disgusting. Don’t worry, you can still have milk chocolate on the keto diet. I find that Lily’s chocolate and ChocZero are the best.

Both have no artificial sweetener aftertaste. The chocolate is creamy and melts in your mouth. No powdery taste or texture. Taste is very good!  No weird aftertaste or anything like that.

A piece of advice is to not to eat too much. You will be kicked out of ketosis!! Those hazelnuts mixed with milk chocolate are the best… just sayin’.



Fat Bombs


Keto Bomb

Fat bomb recipes are all over the internet. They are pretty quick to make, but taking them on the go is a different story.  Don’t worry, you can find fat bombs prepackaged and ready to go on Amazon! These will boost your fat content to keep you a fat burning machine. Below are two popular store-bought keto snack brands found on Amazon. 

FBOMB Nut Butter- Salted Chocolate Macadamia


Performance Fat Bomb Nut Butter 


Nut Butters

Snack Keto


I absolutely love nut butter. Pecan butter is my favorite, but almond butter comes in a close second. Happily, nut butter is allowed and makes the perfect keto snack. 

Not only is nut butter a good source of vitamins and mineral, but also reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease and gallstones in both genders. Studies also show nuts reduce diabetes in women. [1]


Yup, eat your nuts guilt-free ( No pun intended)


Some delicious tasting keto friendly nut butter. 

Noosh Flavored Almond Butter 

Legendary Nut Butter 


Seaweed Snacks


Store Bought Keto Snacks

I absolutely love seaweed snacks! I find they give me the perfect amount of saltiness with a bit of crunch. They are also low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat ( yes, you need to add more) because of this, you can eat 4 or 5 packages and still be within your limits.

If you’re feelin’ sad and want to eat an entire bag of chips… grab for some seaweed instead!  


Here are a few popular brands that you may like.


GimMe Seaweed Snacks 

Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks 



Bacon Jerky


Words cannot express to you how much I love bacon and jerky. Can you imagine combining those two? Sweet Lord! It’s a beautiful symphony in your mouth…bacon jerky.

Bacon Jerky is a  little pricey.. but how much is heaven in a bag worth to you??

Here are two popular brands:


Oberto’s Bacon Jerky 

Go Bacon Jerky 


Meat Sticks

There is nothing more than I like than meat on a stick that I can take with me ( besides cookies, nut butter, and ice cream) 

Slim jims are alright, but I find them too processed. Below are some good alternatives that you can find on Amazon.

Grass Feed Beef Sticks 

Vermont Beef Sticks 


Ice Cream  


Store Bought Keto Snacks

Once I started the Keto Diet, I thought Ice cream would be off limits forever. Lucky for me, the diet is gaining in popularity ( for good reason) and there are many ice cream alternatives.

It’s easy to overdo, and I have eaten a pint at a time before….This will kick you out of ketosis, and stall weight loss. However; half a pint seems to be okay…

Halo Ice Cream is my #1 choice for a keto friendly ice cream.

You can get Halo Ice cream at the Grocery Store, but also on Amazon here. The reviews are mixed, but I enjoy it. It’s a good substitute without the guilt that comes along with eating an entire pint of Ice Cream 🙂 


Berries and Whipped Cream


Keto Bought Snacks

One of the best foods for bone health is berries. Yup, berries. Thee bone-sparing effects are explained by the phytochemicals and vitamin content. These vitamins alter gene expression and cellular pathways. [2]

They also happen to be keto friendly. Feel free to add extra whipped cream 🙂 Be careful, however. Whipped cream often has added sugars. Try making your own, or finding a whipped cream that is sugar-free. 





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