A Honest Thrive Market Review | Is Thrive Market a Scam?

Healthy foods can be expensive when you only factor in price. However, once you factor in your long term health, medical bills, energy to accomplish your goals  these foods seem a lot cheaper.

Without your health you have absolutely nothing.

Thankfully, due to the explosion in the popularity of  health foods and diets such as the keto diet there have been competitors popping up everywhere causing the prices on a lot of products to lower.

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that is like a Co-Op online for heathy and fresh foods. They buy at wholesale and resell at that price and charge a membership price to cover their costs. It works a lot like Costco. Costco doesn’t make any profit on the items they sell, but makes it through their membership sales which is similiar to the business model Thrive Market uses.

It also has a lot of similarities  to Trader Joes in the fact that they private labeled unique products for a cheaper price. You can get some pretty unique products from Trader Joes.

Thrive Market Vs Amazon Fresh

If you have Amazon Fresh in your area I would go ahead and sign up. Many of the prices are very similar and they charge you the $60 membership fee. However, a lot of areas do not support Amazon fresh. Have no fear though, Thrive Market does offer a price matching against competitive company sand will issue the difference in Thrive Cash Directly to your account.

Thrive market  even offers a Savings Guarantee so if you don’t make back at least the cost of your membership in savings during your first year, They Will  pay the difference.

Is Thrive Market Worth The Membership Cost?

Thrive Market is worth the membership cost DEPENDING on how much you shop. I enjoy how easy it is to order healthy low carb foods and I don’t have to go around looking at various stores. Thrive Market offers over 6,000 items so you will never get bored. They also have done surveys showing that you will save around $30 each time you buy ( these studies are limited).

They also have a Thrive Market brand that is fabulous with really unique products for vegan and keto diets.

For instance, I found Organic Coconut Wraps with only 3 net grams of carbs that makes the perfect tortilla alternative.  It’s made with coconut meat, coconut water, and extra virgin coconut oil. They’re also gluten-free, raw, vegan, and Paleo-friendly.

If you are interested in low carb and ketogenic products it is perfect.

Check out the below lists for the perfect keto products to buy.

Best Ketogenic Ice Cream 

Best Low Carb Nuts 

Best Bread to Buy on a Keto Diet 


Pros to Shopping with Thrive Market

The biggest pro to Thrive Market is the amount of products they have sold at a reasonable price. The crazy amount of options you have for the ketogenic diet, vegan diet, or paleo diet are endless.

Let’s not get into the amount of Non-GMO and gluten-free items they have for you to purchase.

They also sell ready-made kits for people who are just starting out on a new diet or new life style.

Check out these Thrive Market starter kits

How long does it take for Thrive Market Groceries to arrive? It takes around 2-3 days for Thrive Market products to arrive at your home.


Cons to Shopping with Thrive Market

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. Thrive Market charge a $60 yearly membership fee. That equals to $5 a month. Depending on how much you shop this could be worth the price. There private label brand is very tasty and good value, and shopping solely Thrive Market brand will save you a lot of money on a monthly basis. However, if you just get a few items that are organic, Non-GMO, etc then the cost of membership is not worth the price.

Also, they make you sign up for a free trial that will AUTOMATICALLY charge your credit card once you have signed up. Make sure to cancel if you do not find the service useful.

Favorite Keto Products Found on Thrive Market

These are some awesome low carb products  that I am only able to find on Thrive Market.

Low Carb tortilla replacement

These wraps are ready to roll. Mild in flavor and slightly sweet from organic ingredients like coconut meat, coconut water, and extra virgin coconut oil, they’re a perfect stand in for tortillas and bread.

They are pretty amazing with eggs and hot sauce in the morning.




Organic Coconut Chips

Thrive Market Organic Coconut Chips for a Low Carb Diet Savor the taste-of-the-tropics flavor of coconut mixed together with the satisfying crunch of chips! Mildly sweet and super satiating, our coconut chunks taste incredible as-is, mixed with nuts and dried fruit, or sprinkled over salads, desserts, soups, granolas, and yogurt

I use them for low carb baking, smoothies, and deserts. The packaging, quality & taste is great.

Switch Artificial Sweetener


In search of a sugar alternative that’s also vegan and gluten-free? Look no further! Non-GMO Switch is made from three ingredients naturally derived from corn (erythritol), chicory root (fructooligosaccharides), and monk fruit. It contains zero calories, and tastes just like the real thing.

Tastes mush closer to regular sugar than some other replacements, and seems to have less aftertaste.


Coconut Oil Mayonnaise


Low Carb Ketogenic Coconut Oil Mayonnaise that is Non-GMO paleo and Chipotle


In search of a new go-to condiment? Classic mayo gets a superfood upgrade with our Chipotle Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

Don’t let it being branded Chipotle throw you off. It’s not spicy at all!




Not only is Thrive Market wonderful for low carb products, but it is also wonderful for canned meat, natural hair care items and spices/seasonings.  It’s cheaper and better quality than going to the store, and you never need to leave your home! They also  have tons of supplements, wines, beauty,and pet food at the tip of your finger. These products all come with reviews so you are able to compare prices and consumer reviews pretty quickly.

Does Thrive Market Sell meat?

Yes, Thrive Market does sell meat! They also sell some delicious seafood.

Check out their options for meat here. It’s also a great option for low carb and ketogenic diets.


Is Thrive Market a Scam?

Thrive Market is not a scam. Calling Thrive Market a scam would be similar to calling Costco a scam because they charge you extra money for a yearly membership fee. There are tons of wonderful products at discounted prices, and you also get access to the Thrive Market privately branded products for a cheap price.

And you never have to leave your house! You will get free delivery if you spend over $49.

Thrive Market Review Conclusion

Overall, Thrive Market is a  super affordable and pretty quick way to get nutritious healthier convenient food delivered to your door. They also have conquered their bad reputation with the subscription model by giving you a heads up when the trial period is coming to an end. This means there will be no surprises after Thrive Markets free trial has expired.