Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Review- Is it Keto Friendly?

Soda is the first thing to go when starting a ketogenic diet. 

Diet soda isn’t much better due to it’s harmful ingredients, notoriously Aspartame. 

Haven’t you ever wished there was a keto friendly soda on the market?

Thankfully, businesses are created to give us the absolute best product so they don’t go out of business. You vote with your buying power. 

Thanks to the explosion of the keto diet, there have been many new awesome keto friendly sodas created

You asked, and they answered! 

The one soda that stands out among all of the choices is Zevia’s Keto Low Calorie Soda. 

A can of keto friendly Zevia Zero Calorie Sodia in Cream Flavor
A can of keto friendly Zevia Zero Calorie Sodia in Cream Flavor

What ingredients are in Zevia Low Calorie Soda?

The ingredients include Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Stevia Leaf Extract,  and Citric Acid . The natural flavors is what gives each soda a different flavor. Some people may be sensitive to “natural flavors” which often includes MSG and other harmful ingredients. 

What Flavors does Zevia produce?

There main flavors contain the below:

Black Cherry

Caffeine Free Cola

Cherry Cola


Cream Soda ( This is my favorite Zevia flavor on a keto diet)

Dr. Zevia

Ginger Ale

Ginger Root Beer

Grape Zevia Flavor

Grapefruit Citrus

Lemon Lime Twist

Mountain Zevia



Zevia has also come out with energy drinks 



Mango Ginger

Raspberry Lime

They are always expanding and testing out new flavors to improve their zero calorie zero carb drink line. Check out all of Zevia’s products here


Are Zevia Flavors Keto Friendly?

Yes. Zevia is keto friendly. All of Zevia’s flavors are also keto friendly and zero calories.  

They even have keto friendly recipes made with Zevia on their website! 

Check it out here 

Will Zevia mess up your weight loss?

Zevia soda  doesn’t mess up weight loss for me when following a ketogenic diet. However, everyone is different and you will have to experiment. 

It contains Stevia Extract which doesn’t raise my blood sugar, but may for other people. 

Are there alternatives to Zevia Soda?

Yes, you can drink sparkling water and add a little lemon. This is the healthiest choice. 

You can also check out Ruled Me article here. It’s the ultimate guide to Keto Drinks, and will give you alternatives to Zevia Soday. 

Where can I buy Zevia Soda?

                                                                                                                                                                                                 I found Zevia at my local grocery store. You can also find them on Amazon, or buy online from Zevia’s site. 

Zevia Zero Calorie-Low Carb Soda in a Variety Package

The quickest way to find if their is Zevia Keto soda near you is to go to the find me section on the web page. 

Also, you can but Zevia Soda on Amazon.


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Alternative Keto Friendly Soda

If you try out Zevia and do not like it, don’t worry. There are many alternative low-carb sodas that will not stall your weight loss.


Bubbly Sparkling Water Apple Flavor Sparkling Water

 Perrier Low Carb Sparkliing Water 24 pack of bottlesPerrier Sparkling Water


My Opinion on Zevia Keto Friendly Soda

I absolutely love  Zevia soda from the ketogenic diet. It’s a great treat to indulge in, and prevents me from even thinking about cheating with “real sugar”. I get no headaches, weight loss stalls, or mood swings when drinking a Zevia occasionally. 

Zevia makes a great soda replacement when following a low carb high fat diet. The taste is spot on with Coca Cola and Pepsi, and Zevia is affordable. 

It doesn’t contain harmful artificial sweeteners or other random ingredients that could harm your weight loss efforts on a ketogenic diet. 

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